31 Days

31 days. A month can seem like eternity. Or entirely not long enough. I’m leaning towards the second option right about now. Things at work have really picked up- it is busy proposal season time and of course I’m the lead technical writer on one too many of our submissions. By the time I wrap up for the day my mind feels like melting jello. But- alas- I must press on.  I’m determined to complete 50-100 physics/general chemistry practice problems a day. If I run out of problems, I’ll just do them again.

I need to consistently score a 75%- which I’ve calculated- will place me in the 10 range for the PS section on the MCAT. I’ll aim high and hopefully not fall too short. Of course, I feel like I should also brush up on my Biology/Organic Chemistry, so I will have to see when I can sneak in that review. I think I’ll have to start sleeping less.

I’m really feeling burned out by work but I can’t seem to forget a speech I heard this weekend by a doctor who was on the Stanford Medical School Admission’s Committee for three years. She said “our character is determined by what we do in the face of our failures.” That statement is sobering in that how I perform now on the MCAT may be even more important than how I did before. I am getting a second chance. Second chances are very rare and I am seriously determined  not to let myself down.

Checking my email has never been so exciting. Secondary applications are starting to trickle in- at least the ones that don’t do much applicant screening- which is an added source of anxiety. I’ve accounted for nearly every hour of my day. Writing more essays is not budgeted for. Hmm…I think it’s definitely time to cut back on sleep.


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