The Friday Rewind 5/24

Slightly belated since it is already Saturday morning here, but alas, here are some highlights from what the week offered.

1. The Best of This Week

  •  Sitting at an outdoor cafe with a cool breeze blowing, sipping fresh squeezed mango juice. Can you say refreshing! Although it’s the weekend and I am stuck working, it’s somehow not as bad when I can do it outdoors at a cafe.


  •  Spending my perdiem on a super cute computer/work bag, which was hand-made by local Cambodian artisans. I am all about supporting the local economy.
  • Work meetings that led to some very creative ideas and reminded me why I do my job–helping people build their capacity to improve health outcomes and rise out of poverty. Some pretty exciting things are in the works–including a possible partnership with this group. See video below:

  • Getting an unexpected small scholarship for medical school! Woo hoo. Every little bit helps.

2. The Worst of This Week:

  • Arranging my work trip to include a weekend and Memorial Day so that I can overlap with a new hire that I was going to train–only to get an email one day before her arrival that she accepted another offer and is not coming! This was frustrating on so many levels–but mainly because I don’t get to spend the 3-day weekend with my husband. He typically works way too much and it was a rare occurrence that he is actually home for Memorial Day. I am very bummed as this was totally avoidable.

3. Medical Breakthroughs of the Week:

  • Teen Smartphone ‘Addicts’ Also Have Other Ills: Not a breakthrough but certainly an interesting read in any case- teenagers who spent enough time on their smartphones to be called “addicted” also tended to show signs of other psychological problems, according to a small study reported here.
  • Vitamin C May Be Key to New TB Treatments: In a serendipitous discovery, researchers said they killed cultured strains of drug-resistant tuberculosis bacteria with vitamin C. My mom, who is a cancer researcher has her own theories about Vitamin C’s potential therapeutical potential in oncology–here is proof of it’s benefit as related to TB.

4. Just for Fun-The Friday Rewind Image Challenge 

What’s the diagnosis?

a) Familial hypertriglyceridemia

b) Injection-drug abuse

c) Sarcoidosis

d) Systemic sclerosis

e) Takayasu’s arteritis

* Courtesy of The New England Journal of Medicine

The Answer: Shown in the comments section.


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  1. The answer is d).
    Calcinosis cutis has been reported in cases of systemic sclerosis, dermatomyositis, and mixed connective-tissue disorders. The condition causes substantial complications and can be difficult to treat. Despite treatment with bisphosphonates and minocycline, the patient has persistent, extensive calcification over her buttocks, shins, and forearms, with recurrent infections at calcified sites.

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