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The Friday Rewind-6/7

Is it just me or are these weeks flying by faster than ever? Here’s a recap.

1. The Best of This Week

  • I survived (barely) what turned out to be my final overseas work trip. Luckily for me, things didn’t fall into place as planned and I no longer have to travel to Tanzania and Kenya in July, which is such a relief! Thank you for all the frequent flyer miles over the years, but I am happy to retire my passport–at least for a little while. My recently developed, irrational fear of flying and untimely death can have some rest.
  • Getting my Medical School Year 1 (MS1) schedule. It made me realize just how precious the next 7 weeks will be and how I will never again have this much freedom. Since my acceptance, over and over I’ve had doctors and current medical students tell me to just enjoy my summer, savor every moment, do absolutely nothing. At first I had a hard time accepting this bohemian approach. Shouldn’t I be reviewing Netter’s Illustrated Atlas of Human Anatomy? Re-studying my physiology? Once I saw the class schedule I realized that is what medical school is for and likely no amount of summer review sessions can prepare me for the fury that is about to be unleashed.
  • Being home again with my husband. Laying in bed all day watching movies. Laughing hysterically until my abs hurt. Marathon episodes of ER.

2. The Worst of This Week:

  • My husband has always joked about having to quarantine me after I returned from my work trips to God knows where–for once, he was right. I can’t believe this happened but I actually got him and myself  very sick. As a testament to how much better his immunity is than mine, he recovered from the worst of it in about 2 days, while I am still struggling 7 days later. Sigh.

3. Medical Breakthroughs of the Week:

  • Veggies Are Key to Long Life: More proof of things I’ve known for a long time–people who followed a vegetarian diet had a lower risk for death from any cause, and men in particular also saw benefits for cardiovascular mortality, a large prospective study found.
  • Short, Intense Workout Goes a Long Way: A single, short bout of high-intensity exercise three times a week led to significant health benefits in slightly overweight men, researchers reported. “We have a worldwide obesity epidemic and even though people are told they should exercise around 30 minutes a day at least five times a week, only about 15% to 30% of people do this,” Tjonna told MedPage Today. “Our study suggests that around 15 minutes of exercise, three times a week may have significant benefits as long as just a few minutes include intensive endurance training.”

4. Just for Fun-The Friday Rewind Image Challenge 

What’s the diagnosis?


a) Atherosclerosis

b) Fabry’s disease

c)  Gout

d)  Hashimoto’s disease

e)  Ulcerative colitis

* Courtesy of The New England Journal of Medicine

The Answer: Shown in the comments section.

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