When I should be studying…

Technology has ruined me. I am not exactly sure when this happened– but over the years of increasingly awesome gadgets coming into my possession, I have developed a seriously alarming case of ADD. It has become nearly impossible for me to focus for longer than 90 seconds without “checking” something. In lecture, as I sit there taking notes on my fancy iPad (pens and paper are for dinosaurs), I am constantly catching myself refreshing my email. Sitting at a stop light, standing in line at the store, waiting for my dinner to cook, I find myself getting bored and needing to “refresh” Instagram, Facebook (thank god I don’t have the Pinterest ap)… It’s like my brain needs constant stimulation. The problem is, with each “refresh” something new inevitably pops up. Which leads me to deduce– I am not the only one with this attention problem. I am starting to believe it’s the epidemic of my generation. Case in point, my husband and I love to talk and laugh, we entertain each other, which is great because we are stuck together for another 70 years or so. Despite this well developed ability to amuse one another we spend most of our dinners with our phones to our sides, constantly “refreshing” whatever. When I look around the lecture hall (in a totally non-creepy-I-am-not-looking-at-you-sort-of-way) most of my classmates are doing the same, switching back and forth between notes, video games, text messages, emails and random websites.

So as I embark on some serious anatomy studying, this is the problem I face– my millions of distractions. I will have to resort to childish tactics like technology time-outs, flashcard review minimums and as a last resort, accidentally misplacing my phone, so that I am not tempted to hit that damn refresh button. Focus. Must Focus.

Now back to my regularly scheduled programming of pelvic vasculature, lymph drainage and innervations…


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