My head is pounding so much my eyeballs hurt. Six hours post exam I am still reeling from the experience. Preparing for my last anatomy exam has left me completely– bushed. Out of necessity, the past four days were a blur of non-stop-all-day-marathon study sessions. Frying my brain and leaving me utterly exhausted. Not to mention bitterly jealous of my non-med school friends who were able to enjoy normal life events (I think there was some big game on yesterday?). Yes, I know–it will all be worth it one day, but right this second I am acutely aware of the price to be paid.

Usually, studying non-stop for exams comes with the instant gratification of being done! You walk out the door of the exam and a thousand pounds lifts off your shoulders. You feel so happy you just want to tap dance all the way home. For some reason, I am still waiting for the release. I think I need a good night’s sleep and a good recharge. Right now, I am feeling defeated, exhausted and completely NOT ready to start tackling the renal and lung physiology I’ve neglected for my next exam, which is already around the corner. The bullet train that is medical school is moving faster than ever. I just hope my brain can keep up.



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