Seize the day…I wish

I consider myself to be extremely lucky to call home one of the most sought after corners of the United States. As the majority of the US struggles with capricious weather patterns,  unable to let go of winter’s ugly grasp, the high today in beautiful, sunny California is 90 degrees. It is the perfect day to enjoy the beach, which is located roughly 8 miles from my front door. It is quite possibly the best location to place a medical school–or paradoxically, it may also be one of the cruelest. As I look out my window, the warm summer sun beaming in, beckoning me to come out, I must resist– I am chained to my desk.

My life at the moment revolves around completing five exams in two weeks. With three exams already behind me I am entering the home stretch–or otherwise called the dark zone–since the remaining two exams are cumulative shelves for Histology and Physiology (yes, time to pull out my notes from August!). One thing they never tell you about medical school is how much you better enjoy studying, especially on perfect days that call out to you to put on your bathing suit…


I find solace in knowing that in less than a week the stress of cumulative examinations will be long gone and I’ll be able to rest my over stimulated neuronal connections. In fact, you see that perfect spot on the beach in the photo above, that is where you will find me.


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