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Long Overdue Update

To my wonderful followers and fellow blog readers I apologize for the neglect my blog has gotten in recent weeks. Second year is in full swing and as predicted I’m finally settling into a comfortable rhythm. My daily routine is still pretty much study, study, study. By all accounts, my old addiction is back. As I’ve noted previously in other posts when you start juicing your brain with knowledge, after a while, something “clicks” and it can’t seem to get enough. There are many times throughout the week when if left to my own devices I would stay up all night reading and furiously implementing my self-prescribed study methods. Luckily, my husband reigns me in around midnight and tells me to come to bed like a normal person. There are times however when I lay in bed actually sad that I can’t do more practice questions or read just a few more pages.

I am not sure what comes over me when it comes to medicine but the topics fascinate me so much it’s not even work most of the time. Hours go by and I barely notice. This is unfortunately the opposite of what happens to me when I am attending our required lectures. In a regrettable mismatch of circadian rhythms, my mind usually doesn’t start working at 100% until the early evening hours, so having to sit through lectures (no matter how interesting the content) puts me to sleep. However, a recent rule change means we now only have to physically attend 50% of our lectures–a dream come true for self-guided learners such as myself!

Aside from my marathon study sessions, hours filled with drugs, bacteria, symptoms and differential diagnoses, I am continuing with various research projects. One of my abstracts was recently accepted for a scientific conference in October, which was very exciting and fueled my enthusiasm for further projects. As a journalism undergraduate major I had zero interest in doing research, so I am now making up for lost time. Ironically, my research project is about introducing a Flipped Classroom (i.e. podcasts!) model for Residency education, which included filmingĀ hours of educational videos in my once perfected “broadcast” voice. Making videos has always been one of my favorite hobbies and here I am making them in medicine–which is pretty much the perfect combination. I hope that my first documentary film–“Mega Rippers”-a story about Maryland surfers–is certainly not my last! I can only improve from that title.

In more personal news, my husband and I are in the process of buying our first home, which is thrilling! We can’t wait for our move in date in January. Over the past 7+ years we’ve lived in apartments and condos of various comfort. Our first place together was a run down graduate housing complex, which had a stove that rocked back and forth when you cooked (reminiscent of trying to cook on a boat), a flood that destroyed our mattress leading us to sleep on a floor and a cockroach problem–finding a two inch cockroach on your shoulder was the final straw for us. Thinking back to those times we can only laugh. I met my husband when I was 21 and have lived through most of my 20s with him. Expectantly we have both matured tremendously over the years. We are building our life together, literally from the ground up!

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